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My name is Danielle, and I have had VS for as long as I can remember. I am 24 now, but I can recall seeing the snow when I was very little. I thought it meant I was still tired, so I would sleep all day, but still see the spots.? I thought everyone saw them, until I told my mom about them one day and she took me to see an ophthalmologist.? They did some tests on me, but couldn't see anything wrong, and basically told me I was making it up. After that, I just learned to live with it and I never really told anyone about it. This January, I had LASIK surgery to correct my vision. It worked wonderfully, except there is a drastic increase in my VS, especially at night. It was always the worst at night, but now it's to the point where I have to feel my way along the walls because the snow just overtakes everything. The VS is much worse on solid backgrounds (sky, walls). The VS is there 24/7, eyes open or closed, it just never goes away. I would love to see for 2 seconds without these spots in front of my eyes, I can't even imagine how clear things would look.?
I went to see a retinal specialist the other day, and she determined there is nothing wrong with my eyes, but is sending me for an ERG to see if something is wrong with the way my eyes and brain interact.?

Yesterday I had two ERGs done where it was determined that there is nothing wrong with my eyes, nor the way in which my eyes and brain send messages to one another. I feel like I keep hitting dead end after dead end, and the doctors don't really believe me. I feel as though I am being tested for all the wrong things, because they doctors have NO CLUE what I am trying to describe to them. I am sick of going to Dr.'s that have never even heard of visual snow. It clearly exists, if we all share the same symptoms. I honestly feel as though it isn't life threatening, and also that I will never be cured, but I don't want to give up! I want to know WHY we have to live with this.