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Personal Story from a Sufferer of VS, PMA and Floaters PDF Print E-mail

I grew up in the South Florida area. Currently live in Atlanta practicing Architecture.
I have had visual snow for about 41 years, having VS continuously since I was 17 or so. At that adolescent age with typical coping difficulties and the prevailing VS symptoms, no doctor knew anything about, I felt very isolated and wound up in a psychologist?s office. Surely my parents and the psychologist thought it was 100% emotional. In addition, at that time I had a lot of tests EKG, neurologist., ophthalmologist and the like. All normal.

Late last year, I lost my job and have been going through a tougher than normal time. I returned a therapist for some good ol? counseling which has helped tremendously. What has become noticeable and at times bothersome is the VS. I was given Paxil and Seroquel XR at night to help with job loss- related depression.
I don?t know if during this recent time the VS has really become more intense, but certainly more noticeable because I have more time to notice and at times ruminate and obsess about it. By the way, the meds. help with the coping with the VS.

What is strange about VS looking back is that there were long periods throughout the years, months at a time when I wouldn?t even notice it or have any issue.

The revelation came when two months ago, I just happened to Google search the symptom ?twinkling?, anxiety symptoms related to the eye. I came across the EOV website and others and discovered I wasn?t alone (aka ?nuts?) and there is are others with the VS that I had.? I?m not alone!!!! I was ecstatic after all these years!!! I burnt out my printer. Killed lots of trees printing a manual on VS and floaters. Thank God for the internet.

Then the somewhat sobering news that there is little known about it, cause and treatment, as well as some medications that have been tried. Very empirical treatments to say the least.

I am going to pursue further diagnostics at this age to see if there are any experimental medications I could try. Emory Eye Center, Bascom Palmer, what doctor I am not sure. Either way, I can live with VS but want to explore. Wouldn?t it be something if I could see without the full vision of PMA, VS and floaters. I hope I could handle it. I can.

Rick Rakusin