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Visual Snow Research Has Begun PDF Print E-mail

Hello Everyone! I have really great news! The Munich IRB has just approved our study and the doctors are starting to recruit now.

They are working through the list of emails that we have received in the last year trying to get in touch with as many patients as possible.

For now, they have only approval for a German consent form - so in the beginning, they will focus on German speaking patients, but the projects in London are coming soon and then they will include English-speaking patients. (This does not mean that you need to be from Germany or live in Germany, but you do need to know how to read and write in German for the purpose of the consent forms.)

For an expedited contact, this email-address was generated and should be used by the German speaking patients who wish to apply:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

I only have the English version of the initial questions, so I apologize for that considering I'm asking for patients who speak German. I'm hoping that many will speak both. Here is the information that will be helpful for all GERMAN-SPEAKING PATIENTS to send along to the email above.



Date of Birth (Day/Month/Year)

Telephone number

1) Please make a brief statement that you are willing to be contacted for research. This is a European data protection issue.

"Yes, please keep my contact details and you may contact me for research purposes."

2) Brief description of all symptoms you relate to visual snow syndrome.

3) Short description of visual symptoms in own words:


4) Visual snow: what type (chose one):

-          black and white (i.e. only black dots on white background, white dots on black background)

-          clear (i.e. color of the background)

-          flashing (i.e. always white, brighter than background)

-          colored

-          all of these

5) Other symptoms (please only answer yes or no)

-          After images

-          Trailing of images in the vision

-          Blue field entoptic phenomenon (i.e. white squiggly lines moving pulsating on the blue sky)

-          Floaters in vision

-          Colored clouds or waves with eyes closed

-          Flashes of light

-          Impaired night vision

-          Sensitive to  light

-          Tinnitus


I'm so thrilled that this day has come. I have been working with the doctors for nearly a year now to get this back off the ground.

Thank you to all who have applied. Remember, English speaking patients will follow, but for now, only those who speak German, please apply.