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Hello Eye on Vision Supporters!

There is a small update on the visual snow research that I wanted to share with everyone. It is in "scientific terms," so may be a little confusing to those who are not familiar with the terminology. You can follow up in the Visual Snow Research group on Facebook for more clarification from the group if needed.

Hypermetabolism and Hypometabolism

The research had not focused on hypometabolism in the initial study. This is another kind of statistical analysis. When looking at hypometabolism, the researchers found the right superior temporal gyrus and the left inferior parietal lobe to be less active in VS than in controls. (This is considered a new finding)

More importantly, the researchers found independent from the PET data that the brain structure of VS patients differs very close to the hypermetabolic area in the lingual gyrus.

The structural difference is really small (but significant). The researchers' finding are from the GROUP-difference of VS and healthy controls and it cannot be identified on an individual MRI…

However, this is important to be identified since such structural and functional congruence points to this area being relevant for VS.

The researchers (Schankin and team) believe that this underlines that the lingual gyrus is of particular importance for VS.

*** The next phase of research is set to begin in a few weeks!!! ***

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As for our floaters campaign, our very generous anonymous donor made a lot of people smile yesterday by donating $5,000 once the campaign reached it's first $5,000. This brings us to $10,135 as of the time I'm typing this email.

I will be hearing the details of Dr. Sebag's research plan at the end of this month. This is groundbreaking research for vitreous floaters. We are thrilled to be 1/5 of the way to our goal of $50,000.

Would you like to donate and help get us closer?

*** Our donor has promised another $5,000 donation once we reach $15,000. Please help us get there!