What is Visual Snow?

Visual Snow is a condition that appears similar to static on a television set, appearing across the entire visual field. Learn more ...

What are Floaters?

Floaters are a condition characterized by the appearance of specks, or spots appearing either intermittently, or constantly across the visual field. Learn more ...

What is Macular Degeneration?

Macular Degeneration is a visual disturbance that can result in loss of central vision, which often entails inability to see fine details, to read, or to recognize faces. Learn more ...

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Herbs don't work on floaters

When a person develops floaters, they first ask their doctor for a treatment. When a treatment is not offered (because there isn't one), the patient tends to surf the net for alternate treatments. I did the same myself, and please take my word on this. There is no herbor vitamin out there that is going to improve or eliminate your floaters. The following have been tried by many sufferers without the slightest improvement.

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2nd Annual Charity Dinner and Auction brings in $1300
A special thanks to all of those who attended the second annual Eye on Vision Foundation dinner and silent auction. We ended up raising $1300 on Friday night. This money will be put to excellent use for researching vitreous floaters, visual snow, and MD.

Special Thanks to Local Businesses

Thank you to our local businesses who have made donations to the EOVF silent auction!


Olive Garden

Smokey Bones in Waterford Lakes

Dillinger's Chophouse

Static in the Dark
I developed visual snow in the dark around the age of 5 or 6. I remember asking my mom what all of the dots I was seeing were when she turned off the lights. At that time she thought I was referring to floaters, and said that many people had them and it wasn't something for me to worry about.
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'ethanlicious' view point on living with VS

The following was submitted by "ethanlicious" as a personal account on living with VS:

"VS is a very difficult condition for regular people to understand. Apart from depression, anxiety, and fatigue, VS is not apparent upon viewing a person. It is not like being wheelchair-bound, or missing a limb, or being autistic; yet despite appearance, it truly is a disability. And worse than other disabilities in some ways. People with VS do not get special privileges. They have to go to the same schools, work the same jobs, and lead the same life as everyone else, even though the simplest and barest of tasks are causes for great frustration and feelings of inadequacy. There is no magic pill they can take to level the playing field; they are always at a disadvantage. And that's not to mention the fact that many people, in the medical field or otherwise, believe VS to be a creation of hypochondria, or a diseased mind. They find it hard to believe that a simple, non-life threatening condition such as VS would cause such distress."

Living with Floaters

I plan on posting at least once a day on the site, so readers can get a good feel of what it is like to live with floaters and visual snow. Today I'm going to try to give you an idea of what it is like to see with a bad case of floaters. Imagine a dirty fishbowl which hasn't been cleaned in weeks. Now hold that up to the light, peer through the glass and look to the other side. That's what it is like to see with floaters.

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